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Our Team

iBirth is Co-Founded by Judith Nowlin and Amanda Hanson. Judith is a birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator and mother to three young children. Amanda is a Doctor of Psychology, childbirth educator and mother of three young children.
Judith NowlinCo-Founder & CEO

Judith Nowlin

Co-Founder & CEO

An entrepreneur and innovator, Judith’s focus on technology along with her time in the field of maternity care {as a healthcare educator, birth and postpartum doula} has allowed her to witness first-hand the needs of the care team and develop a rich understanding of how to best engage healthcare consumers, aka, the patients. She advances the cause to modernize, simplify and connect in order to reach best healthcare outcomes.

Amanda HansonCo-Founder

Amanda Hanson


Over our combined 20 years of working with moms-to-be, one of the most common sentiments we hear is “I wish someone would have told me!” We share this sentiment and we have worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between the unknowns and the helpful childbirth information we have discovered amongst our own personal experiences, our clients and our fellow birth professionals to bring you iBirth.It is our highest goal to afford parents-to-be the joy achieved as an active participant in the process of welcoming baby into the world. Our intent is to provide our iBirth subscribers with practical, straightforward, easily accessible information to make this process less scary, more comfortable and downright healthier for mom and baby.

We at iBirth are passionate about what we do and the privilege it is to share in the journey of childbirth.

  • Aquiles La Grave, New Dad

    Fantastic, empowering, all the information I needed to support my partner, anytime, anywhere!

  • ★★★★★ Review, iTunes App Store

    An idea whose time has come!!! With technology so infused in birth, it’s time technology be used in childbirth education!

  • Emily S, Boulder CO

    The iBirth App guided us through our pregnancy & labor every step of the way. Once labor began, we could not have gotten through without the use of the App's videos and contraction timer - after laboring at home we headed to the hospital to discover that we were already at 8cm & delivered a healthy baby girl 100% naturally 6 hours later... the app is a truly indispensable tool.

  • Mom of 3, Santa Barbara, California, ★★★★★ Review

    This app beats all the other apps in its category because of its ease of use.  It covers pregnancy, labor (love the timer!), and postpartum completely and delicately. Such an asset for any parent to have during the first year of baby's life. Download this app ASAP.

  • Gygy Brown, Lamaze Childbirth Educator

    As a Lamaze childbirth educator I encourage all my students to get iBirth! The videos are a great reminder of what we see in class. I love it!!

  • , Best Pregnancy app there is ★★★★★

    This app is the most cost-effective tool parents can put in their bag for birth. -Doula Annely, The Bump Coach


I’m interested in Private Labeling the iBirth app for my practice group, hospital or network. How do I get started with the customization process?

The first step is to speak with one of our representatives to determine if your organization is a good fit for Private Label. If so, we’ll work closely with your administrators to develop the app that best suites the needs of your patient population and your organization. If interested in learning more, please fill out the inquiry form here.

As a practicing doula or childbirth educator how will this product enhance my services to my clients?

iBirth is an incredible adjunct to childbirth classes and doula services. By offering your customized app to your clients, they will have access to your educational content 24/7. Additionally, the Positions for Labor section is an excellent visual aid when teaching labor positions. ‘Birth Secrets’ can be used to ignite lecture material and group discussions including straightforward essential nutrition information and guides. Obstetricians, midwives, doulas and educators suggest iBirth for their clients as an at-home tool to reinforce the concepts learned in the office or classroom.

How long does it take before I can offer my customized app to my clients?

This depends on which private label package you choose. For our Boutique customers, the app can be in your clients’ hands in as little as two weeks! For multi-facility healthcare systems the typical turn-around time is approximately two months.

You say iBirth app is for partners as well. How will iBirth be helpful?

iBirth was designed with the partner in mind. After exploring this app, partners will be empowered and confident in their abilities to truly support their loved one throughout childbirth. Further, partners will be able to offer endless helpful suggestions in making mom more physically and emotionally comfortable.

Buy The DVD

Creating Comfort and Confidence in Childbirth DVD

This 22 minute video is divided into five sections:

  • First Stage Labor Active Positions
  • First Stage Labor Resting Positions
  • Back Labor/ Posterior Baby
  • Second Stage Labor/ Pushing
  • Vocalizations for Labor

Each section contains short video clips demonstrating various labor positions describing how each position facilitates optimal comfort, enhances labor progress and ways for partners to help.

The DVD menu allows the viewer to select an entire segment or specific clip for easy navigation.

$29.95 (+ S&H)

Buy on Amazon
PLEASE NOTE: All orders are shipped within 3-5 business days. International orders require additional shipping charges.Contact us for wholesale ordering:
Please note that the DVD does not include the extra features of daily inspirations, prenatal nutrition, healthy birth tips and contraction timer that are available on the iPhone & Android Apps.