Prepare yourself for a positive birth experience.

Whether you’re birthing in the hospital, birth center or at home… iBirth is for YOU!

Looking for an app to help you stay healthy and low-risk throughout pregnancy and truly prepare you for birth? iBirth delivers!

We’ve taken the most crucial information and presented it in a concise Smartphone Application. In iBirth, you will find hours of childbirth education material condensed into an easy-to-use and on-the-go format. iBirth will help make your pregnancy and birth less scary, more comfortable and downright healthier.

This app will be your guide to greater comfort and ease as you prepare to birth your baby. iBirth contains the most essential information regarding prenatal nutrition, enhancing labor progress and comfort, and preparing for baby’s birth. iBirth is for all women no matter your birthing preference – natural, medicated, or cesarean.

Written by a Birth Doula and a Doctor of Psychology – both childbirth educators – iBirth is the tool you need as you prepare for the healthiest pregnancy and birth.

How to use iBirth:

  • Practice along with the videos prior to labor so that you are confident on labor day
  • If desiring an epidural, use the videos as a guide to remaining comfortable until the medicine arrives
  • In labor, move and groove along with the laboring woman and her doula in the videos – especially helpful if using NO pain medication
  • Use as a personal nutrition consultant to find the foods that are healthiest and most essential in pregnancy
  • Use as an on-the-go childbirth class – in case you did not take one
  • Use as a refresher to your childbirth class – especially if this is your second baby or beyond
  • Partners can practice all of the helpful massage techniques to be ready to support mom on labor day

All of this in the palm of your hand for the special price of $3.99 (USD). Available in the iTunes App Store and Google Play (Android Market) for immediate download. Available to over 1114 Android devices and the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Requires iPhone iOS 4.0 or later.

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Please note that the DVD does not include the extra features of contraction timer, prenatal nutrition and healthy birth tips that are available on the iPhone & Android Apps.